Activity VS Accomplishment

My feet touches the floor after the late night rest and the 1st thing I can think of is

What am I going to be doing today?

What do I do keep myself busy?

What project would I be working on?

It is typical that as soon as you get the sleep off your face, you should set out to think of what you would be doing for the rest of the day.

Whether it is work, your personal business or even leisure, your mind seems to wander a bit for what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day

For Example:

Be at work from 9am -5pm

Attend Kids’ recital / game

Get groceries needed for the week

See a comedy movie

And so on and so forth.

We seem to be so focused on activity or action, as we try to engage ourselves in several tasks thereby forgetting that all we are doing is keeping ourselves busy instead of looking at the big picture.

Many focus only on keeping themselves busy instead of looking forward to developing themselves while also tackling personal goals and accomplishments.

It’s advised that we make a switch from focusing only on activity or busyness to the stage of accomplishment.

It’s funny to find out that while pursuing our personal activities, we can be setting goals and achieving them without extra workload or adding so much stress.

How do we make accomplishments with our regular activities?

We just need to add a sparkle of excellence to our regular activities, as set out to achieve a level of brilliance and distinction in everything we do.

Think of these achievements

Get to work 30 minutes early every weekday

Start a family health plan

Be one of the first 5 parents at your kids’ recital or game.

These achievements are still related to our regular activities they just require us to take them more serious.

Also, let us remember not avoid just being busy but create a benchmark that will make us set out to achieve big things.

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