2 Years after Graduation: Lots of Tears, Frustration & Hope


These persons have been found worthy in character & learning and have awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Science in their various departments.

The day was June 26, 2015 at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. I pinched myself over and over again. It was too good to be true.

Yelling, screaming, turning tassels, making loud noises, taking several pictures, my  friends and I were overjoyed.

The countless assignments, impromptu tests, group tasks, projects and all we had to deal with; we were glad that all of that was behind us and we could fully pursue our dreams.

The future seemed so bright! I could feel it.

With a good GPA and relevant internships, “Getting a job shouldn’t be so hard” I thought to myself

With some luck on my side, I got an internship less than a month after graduation at a public relations firm. I was excited. Public Relations was the only stream of communication I was yet to explore; with working experience in print, broadcast & advertising.

I was definitely on the right track and everything seemed promising. Though distance was a challenge (The firm was situated at Lagos Island and I lived on the mainland), I made up my mind to learn as much as I could as I was waiting for the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

About a month to my 21st birthday, the internship was over and I had to get ready for National Service. In retrospect, my service year, was an enthralling one, as I was simply fascinated by the people I met in camp, people with different locations, mind-sets, attitudes, socio-economic backgrounds. I asked several questions and got to understand why they act the way they do.

My place of primary assignment during my service year was another experience that I’ll prefer not to talk about but the office operated like a war zone making all members of staff act like soldiers, blindly following commands and people worked with fear. I was so frustrated, I ran back to the university, to see one of my favourite lecturers for counsel. It was … still looking for the right adjective.

After service, I started another phase of job hunting, made several applications, for some I got a call for a test, some never replied. From the few that called me for a test. Some I passed, some I did not (math was my kryptonite, I’m slightly above average and the competition was high).

As an undergraduate, I believed that I had a lot to offer and I had trained myself to be excellent at virtually everything I did. Thus, I imagined myself working for a multi-national company. I felt I was that good.

My imagination and the current reality were so far apart. Really far.

This were the moments I cried behind closed doors and used my pillow to wipe off my tears. Thankfully, I had a backup plan.

I did a lot of freelance writing, picked up interest in screenwriting and later filmmaking. While taking my blogging even more seriously, that was when I got a job from LinkedIn and also had the opportunity to work for some startups.

Today is June 26, 2017, it’s been two years, I have cried, I have almost lost hope, I was discouraged and confused. Despite it all, one thing is certain as long as I breathe, I will never give up and I continue to make my life count.

I don’t know what lies ahead, what’s waiting for me or what tomorrow will bring but whatever it is, I’m going to be a huge success story.

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Drop your phone! – You won’t die.


Calling, texting, tweeting, posting, sharing, re-posting. It’s a whole new domain, a domain that has made us forget the world, we actually live in.

Telling stories on Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We never seem to get tired, it’s a new ray of sunshine and a little breed of insanity.

Yup! You heard me right?


How do I mean?

Imagine laughing at your phone, opening your mouth wide when you see something weird on social media, talking to it, shrugging at it, making weird expressions as if it were a person. I’m also guilty of that as well. Very guilty.

I spend so much time on it, time flies when I’m on social media and the funny thing is that even when there’s no supply of power and my phone brings up the 10% remaining alert, my power bank quickly comes to the rescue. When I don’t get to charge my phone and the battery becomes flat and I feel I’m missing out

It’s that bad!

Though I have some friends that are more addicted to their phone than I am, the youthful populace has found solace and comfort in their phones.

The day before Easter Saturday, I attended the Joy Masterclass hosted by Chude Jidenowo (To those who don’t know him, he’s a media entrepreneur and such a great man, you could do a little research online) and before he started the class he ask everyone to switch off their phones and hand them over to him.

This led to mixed reactions from the class, (we were about 30 in attendance) some people acted like they were being deprived of their most valued asset

“Drop your phone; you won’t die.” – Chude said.

After collecting all the phones and tablets, they were all kept on a seat, where we could easily see them but we couldn’t touch them, This made the class seamless and devoid of any distractions. The class wouldn’t have gone well if phone calls with varying ringtones, beeps and pings of message notification were rolling in. We wouldn’t learn anything as we would be distracted.

The sad truth was that nobody died, nobody fainted, felt incapacitated and no one was affected as our phone was switched off for hours. Aside the numerous lessons I learnt from the class, I also learnt that our phones are major distractions.

Though there might be people who require their phones a lot based on the kind of work they do (some like me that manages social media accounts and does media strategy) but it’s important to note that our phones are just secondary tools

We can live without them.

Once we understand that, it helps us a great deal.

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The Aha! Moment

The Aha! Moment

Eureka! Eureka!!

Yes! I finally got it.

If feels like you had a breakthrough, did something unimaginable or maybe you just accomplished such a great feat.

When that time comes you feel so good with yourself and it’s like you should be awarded with a Nobel Prize on the spot.

The Aha! Moment is quite vague as it depends on the person involved, but such a moment comes after a successful effort at understanding or achieving something; especially after several failed attempts. If you get what you need at the first attempt, it’s not an Aha! Moment.

Need an example? I got some.

You’re a criminal detective and you’ve trying to find out who committed a crime and after several investigation, leads and complications; you can’t find the offender. Days later you suddenly get an alibi who provides a new lead or evidence to help you find the criminal.


Or you’re a final year student undertaking a research project and you’re searching for a previous research by a reputable source to back your findings but can’t find any. Days go by and the submission deadline gets closer, you finally stumble upon a book that has what you need.


The Aha! Moment could is not only for activities but also be for thoughts, ideas and other passive things. For example, if inspiration strikes, you have an idea of how to go about something or you suddenly think of an amazing business idea after long hours or days of brainstorming or thinking.

It feels like an animated light bulb on your head but yeah it’s an Aha! Moment.

The Aha! Moment could either come with relief or extreme happiness. Remember I said that the Aha! Moment is gotten after several failed attempts. These failed attempts could bring worry or some sort of sadness. Thankfully, the Aha! Moment acts as a remedy to this.

Are you still struggling to get something done? Have you failed over and over again at a given task? Are you almost giving up on a particular assignment? Try a couple of times and who knows you just might hit that Aha! Moment.