Starting Afresh (A Personal Story)

There’s a certain level of content that comes with starting off something, nursing and nurturing it like a newborn child and watching it grow.

No matter how little, satisfaction comes from progress is made and this applies to almost every sphere of life.

Whether it’s an employee who receives a better appraisal than the previous month or a student who burns the midnight oil and gets a higher CGPA or an upcoming musician whose latest hit single gets more airplay than his previous song.

There’s a splash of excitement here and there which also comes with a drive to do more when you seem to be making headway.

What happens when you have to start from scratch?

Ground Zero is a scary place to be in.

There’s a lot of uncertainty fueled by the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what every moment that passes by will bring.

Did you lose everything and you have to start over?

Or did you make a conscious decision to momentarily or totally stop what you’re working on and start afresh?

I’m sad to inform you that starting afresh is HARD.

It’s not a piece of cake and there are no beds talk more of roses.

It’s harder especially when you’re testing uncharted waters or delving into a field or your area where you’re a newbie!

Several questions start to pop in:

Do I have what it takes?

Can I do this?

What if I fail?

What if it doesn’t work?

Did I make the right choice?

Should I have stayed where I was?

It’s human nature to introspect and be scared from time to time

These questions show that if you fail; you’ve got something (no matter how small) to lose; so if there’s no turning back to your old life, there’s only one option left.

Give it your best shot, put in all that it takes and never give up.

Here’s personal story


I just quit my job as a content manager in a digital media agency to pursue a personal project and develop my personal brands.

Don’t get me wrong, I love creating and developing content and every day at work was an interesting challenge but my 9-5 job was gruelling and depleting my time for my personal projects.

I had to take the bold step which started with writing a month notice of resignation effective from the 1st of May

So I’m not writing an imaginary article but one that I have a personal experience with as I’m in heat of the moment and in the process of literally starting over from ground zero.

To anyone in the same shoes with me;

Cut off all unnecessary distractions, this is not a time to sleep more, play video games, watch movies, or hang out with the guys or girls all the time.

It’s a time to strategize, research and put in the “damn” work 💼

Embrace your beginnings and look forward to better days


“You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom? There’s only one way left to go and that’s up” — Buster Moon from the animation film “Sing”

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Make Life Epic!




2 Years after Graduation: Lots of Tears, Frustration & Hope


These persons have been found worthy in character & learning and have awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Science in their various departments.

The day was June 26, 2015 at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. I pinched myself over and over again. It was too good to be true.

Yelling, screaming, turning tassels, making loud noises, taking several pictures, my  friends and I were overjoyed.

The countless assignments, impromptu tests, group tasks, projects and all we had to deal with; we were glad that all of that was behind us and we could fully pursue our dreams.

The future seemed so bright! I could feel it.

With a good GPA and relevant internships, “Getting a job shouldn’t be so hard” I thought to myself

With some luck on my side, I got an internship less than a month after graduation at a public relations firm. I was excited. Public Relations was the only stream of communication I was yet to explore; with working experience in print, broadcast & advertising.

I was definitely on the right track and everything seemed promising. Though distance was a challenge (The firm was situated at Lagos Island and I lived on the mainland), I made up my mind to learn as much as I could as I was waiting for the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

About a month to my 21st birthday, the internship was over and I had to get ready for National Service. In retrospect, my service year, was an enthralling one, as I was simply fascinated by the people I met in camp, people with different locations, mind-sets, attitudes, socio-economic backgrounds. I asked several questions and got to understand why they act the way they do.

My place of primary assignment during my service year was another experience that I’ll prefer not to talk about but the office operated like a war zone making all members of staff act like soldiers, blindly following commands and people worked with fear. I was so frustrated, I ran back to the university, to see one of my favourite lecturers for counsel. It was … still looking for the right adjective.

After service, I started another phase of job hunting, made several applications, for some I got a call for a test, some never replied. From the few that called me for a test. Some I passed, some I did not (math was my kryptonite, I’m slightly above average and the competition was high).

As an undergraduate, I believed that I had a lot to offer and I had trained myself to be excellent at virtually everything I did. Thus, I imagined myself working for a multi-national company. I felt I was that good.

My imagination and the current reality were so far apart. Really far.

This were the moments I cried behind closed doors and used my pillow to wipe off my tears. Thankfully, I had a backup plan.

I did a lot of freelance writing, picked up interest in screenwriting and later filmmaking. While taking my blogging even more seriously, that was when I got a job from LinkedIn and also had the opportunity to work for some startups.

Today is June 26, 2017, it’s been two years, I have cried, I have almost lost hope, I was discouraged and confused. Despite it all, one thing is certain as long as I breathe, I will never give up and I continue to make my life count.

I don’t know what lies ahead, what’s waiting for me or what tomorrow will bring but whatever it is, I’m going to be a huge success story.

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Activity VS Accomplishment


My feet touches the floor after the late night rest and the 1st thing I can think of is

What am I going to be doing today?

What do I do keep myself busy?

What project would I be working on?

It is typical that as soon as you get the sleep off your face, you should set out to think of what you would be doing for the rest of the day.

Whether it is work, your personal business or even leisure, your mind seems to wander a bit for what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day

For Example:

Be at work from 9am -5pm

Attend Kids’ recital / game

Get groceries needed for the week

See a comedy movie

And so on and so forth.

We seem to be so focused on activity or action, as we try to engage ourselves in several tasks thereby forgetting that all we are doing is keeping ourselves busy instead of looking at the big picture.

Many focus only on keeping themselves busy instead of looking forward to developing themselves while also tackling personal goals and accomplishments.

It’s advised that we make a switch from focusing only on activity or busyness to the stage of accomplishment.

It’s funny to find out that while pursuing our personal activities, we can be setting goals and achieving them without extra workload or adding so much stress.

How do we make accomplishments with our regular activities?

We just need to add a sparkle of excellence to our regular activities, as set out to achieve a level of brilliance and distinction in everything we do.

Think of these achievements

Get to work 30 minutes early every weekday

Start a family health plan

Be one of the first 5 parents at your kids’ recital or game.

These achievements are still related to our regular activities they just require us to take them more serious.

Also, let us remember not avoid just being busy but create a benchmark that will make us set out to achieve big things.

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