Read Like Termites!

read like termites

I remember watching a TV show some months ago and a guest on the show was answering some questions asked by the host. Few minutes in, the guest started to talk on youth development and trust me, he made succinct but valid points.

One of the points he made caught my attention

Read like termites.

That statement was GOLD

Like many writers, I was an early reader as I started reading from the time I learnt how to read, always reading short stories in my English textbook before going ahead to read comics, fiction novels, then motivational, self-help, DIYs.

Though I started writing much later, (in the 11th grade) I have been reading much earlier; this not only helped me and my writing later in life, but made me have a broader and deeper knowledge of things at a very young age.

So when that guest said youths should read like termites, he was definitely right. Though I have some mild phobia for termites.

Voracious reading is usually suggested in schools but people hardly read widely anymore, they only submit to books related to a particular area of interest or academic books they require to pass a certain course. This is not the best.

You need to go beyond our comfort-zone and read new things everyday.

However, there are some people who would rather die than pick up a book to read, they have no interest whatsoever in the art of reading. They just want to know the summary of an article and move to other things that supposedly matter.

People read as a hobby, people read to get informed, some read to build their imagination, learn more etc.

The misconception people have about reading is that you don’t need to pick up a hard cover book before read, you could read online materials, journals and thankfully, there are now e-books.

Whatever you do and no matter how busy you are make sure you read something, read something that informs, somethings that educates or enlightens and you’ll be glad you did.

No matter what, don’t stop reading. Don’t stop doing what makes you better.

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June is Running! Are You?


Welcome to the month of June

Personally, I feel this year is running at an alarming rate. The days are moving so fast and rolling into weeks; the weeks are also capping one another quickly to transcend into months. The months are also moving into quarters.

The first quarter, the second quarter and we just entered the last month in the second quarter of the year.

Wow! This is a fast year.

I still remember when my cousins and l launched firecrackers and fireworks with many other families to herald the New Year and now we’re in the month of June.

However, I’m not focusing on how fast the month is but how you’re responding to it.

At the beginning of the year, many people drafted the cliché New Year resolutions, others set goals for the year, some set goals and implementation plans and some didn’t set out or plan to do anything.

Whether you made plans or not, the truth is the days, weeks and months would keep on moving.

How far have you gone with your plans or goals for the year because the truth is, 2018 is nigh.

A lot of people do not actually want a life of mediocrity but they just take life as it comes, hoping that someday their day of success would come.

This is SO wrong!

If you didn’t set any plans for the year, we’re already in the 6th month but you can still use the rest of the day to write out feasible plans that you want to achieve before the end of the month. You still have about 6 months and three weeks left

You can still make things happen, it’s better late than never.

For those who set goals and have let them lie fallow, try to work on those goals, set plans for execution and you would be surprised at how much you would be able to achieve.

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Street Smart! – What does that even mean?

street smart

A high GPA looks great on paper but …

For you to be considered as smart, now means a whole lot more.

Gone are the days when being smart just depended on your academic / intellectual prowess or cognitive abilities.

That’s just being “book-smart”.

Now, this fast paced world of ours requires so much more that intellect, knowledge and swift reasoning.

More is required of you.

What’s the point of being witty, being able to think on your feet, and generate creative ideas in minutes if you can’t get people to listen or can handle a tough situation.

Or you have stage-fright, find it difficult to adapt to certain environments or you just can’t comport yourself.

So tell me does your 4.0 GPA or your 92% rating matter anymore?

Nope. It doesn’t matter.

It even makes others doubt your impeccable result as they wonder if you cheated your way through school.

Let me give two valid examples:

A male investment banker who has worked with corporate elites throughout his career gets a new assignment to convince local artisans, janitors and farmers to invest their weekly or monthly earnings in his bank.

This could be a challenge to him because that’s a new situation and he might have been only professionally trained and may not know how to simplify terms to those group of people.

Secondly, let’s imagine  a group assignment, the first class student does the research. drops all the ideas and probably even makes the PowerPoint slides

Presentation day arrives and senior executives and recruiting mangers are present but that first class student would plead with a fellow group mate to make the presentation while he/she is at a corner fidgeting and petrified.

The banker doesn’t know how to convince the artisans and the student is scared of public speaking and if anyone is to be hired, it would be the colleague who did the presentation

Organisations require those that can pitch ideas to clients, those that are charismatic, bold, those that can go the streets and hustle in harsh environments, get things done with little or no assistance.

Now that’s street-smart.

We need to be both book and street-smart but you can’t deny the relevance of being street-smart especially after graduation.

Challenges that surpass our intellect would always come our way, we might just need to be street-smart to confront them.

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